Our Vision

Ignite great transformation in the world through million sparks of Joy!

Global Celebration with all of Humanity

There are times when the power of many as One is required for us to create a significant change!

Envision the tribe of humanity expanding in a massive ecstatic celebration across the planet, embracing all and everyone in unified love!!!

Building the Foundations of the​ New Earth

We are united by purpose, by something bigger than ourselves, an intention to bring humanity into a new consciousness of love, compassion and unity, we are co-creating the foundations of the New Earth.

In the midst of this accelerated time of changes, many collectives and individuals from all over the world are stepping forward as radiant examples of a new way of being, a new way of living, with consideration, caring for each other and our planet, harmonizing, cultivating freedom, joy, abundance, Love and Unity. This is what OmPlanet is actively striving toward, this is the foundation that we want to build our future on.

Linking up the New Earth Seeds

In many corners of the world there are thousands of initiatives, conscious movements or spiritual communities where people come together to co-create and transform, to celebrate and share their gifts.

Over the past 10 years we were presencing the emergence of such initiatives in many parts of the world. And there was a sense of a collective dream and inspiration to connect everyone through a unified ecosystem!

This inspiration has been transformed and evolved many times in the past 10 years, and now it is expressed as this platform, this is a co-creation in progress, a quest.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

The journey starts from transforming ourselves first, living by example, as an individual as well as a collective! We experiment with new integrative organizational models such as Holacracy and Radiant Organizations — and we are open to paths, still hidden, that emerge as we progress.

Our Mission

OmPlanet is a playground for Conscious Communities - connecting people, places and experiences.
We co-create an ecosystem of thousands of thriving communities that are on the leading edge of conscious transformation and transition to a new planetary culture. We interconnect 3 key areas cross-activating a shared abundance on multiple scales:


Conscious Communities

Helping people to discover intentional communities, integrative healing and spiritual centers, meditation and retreat places.

Enhancing online and on-site community interactions, fostering authentic connections and transformational experiences.


Transformative Education

Providing a platform for educational organisations, conscious leaders, spiritual teachers, healers and facilitators with online and offline educational programs to strengthen their positive social impact.


Impact Business

Connecting people with business opportunities and job offers from positive impact organisations, cooperatives, innovation labs, co-working spaces and impact business centers.


An initiative to co-create a Self-Governing Multidimensional Network Ecosystem of interconnected social, economic and ICT systems owned and governed by its members.

Meet The Team

We are a team of professional software engineers, financial experts and visionaries with many years of experience creating next generation Social, Economic and ICT systems that supported successful startups, large businesses and international organizations.

The Crew

Narek Kostanyan

Narek Kostanyan

Founder and CTO

Aleksandr Nykytenko

Aleksandr Nykytenko

Mobile Developer

Sergey Klement

Sergey Klement

Mobile Developer

Srinivas Kalyani

Srinivas Kalyani

Backend Developer

Darin Klein

Marketing Specialist

Bahkai Wynter

Marketing Specialist

Board of Advisors

Faith Green

Strategic Partnerships

Rick Corrado

Business & Finance

James T. Kirk

Starfleet Operations

Our Principles

Highest Good of All

We recognize that we are One with humanity and all of life, all inherently connected and interdependent. Coming from this realization our intention is to play a win-win-win game - for the company shareholders, for the global stakeholders and for the environment serving the highest good of all in a virtuous cycle.

Conscientious Business

Good intention is not enough, we realize the need to be conscious throughout the creative process. We do inquiry of the overall impact of our business on the world on all different aspects and are committed to continue this inquiry over time. And as we care about creating positive impact in the outside world, we take care as well about raising the awareness and consciousness of our own team members throughout the process.

Empowering Technology

Humanity embraces technology to accelerate its evolution but we can also become slaves to it. We will use technology with responsibility and direct it to help us all find truth, joy and authentic human connection. OmPlanet highlights places and experiences that are meaningful and transformational, that bring people together, that empower people to share and support each other in real life.


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