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Communities come together for a variety of purposes. And no matter what are the proposed goals and intentions of a community, as human beings we all share the essential need to exchange real and substantial love with a number of people. And we need to be profoundly engaged, not just for a few minutes or hours here and there, but on an ongoing basis, with true friends. In addition, we have a lifelong need for creative activity, adventure and ongoing personal and spiritual growth, which is best supported in the context of close, committed community.

We invite you to set your intention to live a life full of joy, purpose, authentic relationships and transformation.
And we give you the platform to make the magic happen!

Discover Places

Find places like co-working hubs, retreat centers or off-grid houses. Visit, book a stay or rent for your activities.

Book Events, Experiences

Discover transformational events and experiences happening near you. Book online programs and courses.

Connect with Like-minded People

See who is around from your community. Learn about their interests, start conversations or PM on selected topics.

Explore the Planets

Join the Emerging Consciousness Revolution!


OmPlanet is a space where everything comes together to support your journey of self-realization, consciousness expansion and creativity, where you may pursue your truest form of PLAY in a collective of like-minded and like-hearted people:
  • Discover transformational experiences and workshops happening near you.
  • Visit amazing places from meditation centers to off-grid houses in the wilderness.
  • Be instrumental in the transformation and collective awakening of the Human Tribe.
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The Holistic Centers Network (HCN) provides creative networking opportunities that strengthen communication, connection and collaboration, among holistic centers around the world. Find a place for retreat, transformational learning, wellbeing or community. Whether well-established or new, urban or rural, a similar vision lies at the heart of each Holistic Center: a commitment to transforming the lives of program participants, as well as those who run the centers, all serving the new consciousness emerging worldwide. Enter the Planet!

CoL Planet

The Consortium of Light (CoL) is a spiritual community providing tools for the inner journey toward the evolution of oneness, through the guidance of All in Whole. Our Vision: To open a pathway for all to enter and experience their true essence as a divine being of light, a tune of the universe. Our Mission: To provide tools such as writings for contemplation, meditations for introspection, podcasts, workshops, discussion groups, retreats, spiritual gatherings and community celebrations to help enlighten the self through community.
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Create Your Planet

Planets are separate community spaces dedicated to each collective of people with their shared activities and content. Our planets bring together and enliven different spiritual communities, conscious movements, transformative educational institutions, integrative healing centers and positive impact businesses.


As a community builder you can request to create a new dedicated planet for your community with fully managed content, membership subscriptions and branded apps.


Become an inspirational example for how to bring people together around shared purpose and mission!

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